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News and Reviews

New All-Star CD of the Month from Jeff Bradshaw and friends

Featured: 0Once upon a time R&B was known for great live performances marked by passion, spontaneity and even transcendence through the great soul revues at such storied venues as The Apollo Theater, The Howard Theater and The Uptown. The musicians playing behind the singers were often the finest players from the realms of R&B jazz and gospel, who delivered intricate arrangements, electrifying solos and undeniable groove.Facebook Comments: 1
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Here We Go (review) (2015)

Artist: James LloydFeatured: 0List Ranking: 0Review: For the past three decades, the contemporary jazz format has notably stood out from other genres of popular music in its stability and consistency. True, the style has picked up its fair share of influences from modern R&B, hip-hop, and even pop at various points in time; but for the most part, the underlying paradigm of melody-centric tunes played in fundamentally relevant instrumental fashion has remained intact. This commitment to authenticity has been displayed in the long-spanning careers of key figures in the field, running the gamut of vocalists (Michael Franks), horn-players (Paul Taylor), guitarists (Marc Antoine), and ensembles (Fourplay). Still, it?s a small group of creators that both laid the groundwork in the early days and continues to make waves today. Chiefly among that select society, Pieces of a Dream has been an ever-present, always reliable force to be reckoned with. Spanning genre-defining ballads (?Warm Weather?), rap-induced grooves (?Mt. Airy High?), clever and funky vocal numbers (?Fo-Fi-Fo?), Pieces? 1980s output paved the way for essential ?90s and 2000s CD?s such as In Flight, Love Silhouette, and Pillow Talk. And while the group (now comprised mainly of pianist James Lloyd and drummer Curtis Harmon) continues to build on its legacy, Lloyd is taking a moment to showcase his individual prowess on the impressive solo set, Here We Go. Longtime fans of Pieces will not be disappointed, while newer recruits to the world of smooth jazz might just discover a talent with whom they haven?t yet been acquainted. Here We Go shines the spotlight on easily flowing instrumental pieces with just the right amount of pep. The focus is on Lloyd?s versatile keyboard work, which sounds right at home within a selection of songs that is consistent in theme and feel, unconcerned with trendiness or flashiness. Opening with the breezy, motivating title cut, Lloyd displays an appreciation of solid, steadily building melody lines that interweave naturally with the supporting players? embellishments. Similarly, the percolating ?Moving Right Along? stands out thanks to his knack for style and subtlety, which works right into the effortlessly kinetic rhythm track. On the slower and more contemplative side, there?s the charming ?Granted Wish,? bearing spare rhythmic elements and a familiar-sounding refrain ideal for winding down to; while the graceful ?Almost There? strips away the usual guitar and bass accompaniment in favor of light layers of keyboard and synth colorings. In addition to his own musical impetus, Lloyd acknowledges and brings a cool spin to the work of several other prominent figures on Here We Go. He incorporates his funk leanings on the groovy and determined ?For the Duke in Me,? a finger-snappin? ode to the late George Duke evoked with lively, church-y ostinatos complemented by super-steady, scratchy guitar lines. Meanwhile, the cannily titled ?Much O?Blige?d? pays homage to the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul with a swingin? melange of vocoder-esque stylings, pliable beat patterns, and sparkly synth overtones. These two cuts are a distinctive way to round out the album, as they deviate a bit from the concentrated smoothness of the remaining repertoire, but stay close enough to the collection?s understated core to make for an inviting conclusion. Given the invaluable legacy of Pieces of a Dream?s recorded contributions to contemporary jazz, one can only hope that the outfit will continue to release new fare for loyal listeners and supporters. Simultaneously, however, it?s exciting to hear such a well-crafted and merited collection as Here We Go as sonic evidence of the individual capabilities of one of the group?s founding members. With ample consideration and respect for his musical past residing comfortably alongside a clear vision of his own artistic sensibilities at this moment in time, James Lloyd has begun a colorful new journey with his first album as a soloist. Recommended. by Justin Kantor Connect with Justin on Twitter. Album Image: Click on CD cover to listen or purchaseAlbum Buy Link: Comments: 1ASIN: .
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Home: One Special Night at the Kimmel Center (review) (2015)

Artist: Jeff BradshawFeatured: 1List Ranking: 0Review: It's the kind of aural utopia for which true music lovers literally salivate: lush, live instrumentation anchoring multiple textures and tempos in each selection, all enhanced by a dream line-up of guest players and vocalists. Such moments are best experienced as they happen, but the next best thing is a skillfully rendered live CD, which is what Jeff Bradshaw has accomplished with his first-ever recording for Shanachie Entertainment, Home: One Special Night At The Kimmel Center.  Recorded on-site last May in Philadelphia and executive-produced by Grammy-Award-winning performer Robert Glasper, the title of Home describes exactly what it is: the celebration of a Favorite Son by fans and peers and the culmination of Bradshaw's lifelong dream to share his gifts before the city that nurtured him. Leisurely paced, yet energetically conveyed, Home retains a 'grown and sexy' vibe throughout, thanks to his trombone lacing up classic covers ("Open Your Eyes," "All This Love") and a sumptuous variety of jazz-laden, funk-fringed and even gospel-inflected original jams (including a studio recording).   Due to the 'cool-like-dat' vibes (one can practically imagine chilled juice goblets, loosened evening ties and pedicured toes swaying to the grooves) and seamless sequencing from one number to the next, Home qualifies as a selection that can satisfyingly stream non-stop: "Love," the early Musiq Soulchild hit, is turned into a lilting and inspirational hymn via Kim Burrell; Donny Hathaway's "The World Is a Ghetto" is made blustering and brassy thanks to adding the incomparable Najee, Tony Moore and Jehovah's Chosen; and "What Must I Do," performed with Kenny Latimore, starts off sweet and segues into raw, guttural pleas that leave fans clamoring eagerly in their wake.  When it comes to flavor, old-school and new school both share equal heft: Home's first single, a bittersweet "All Time Love" with Robert Glasper, Tweet and Eric Roberson, sounds luxurious both live and as a studio joint, and hip-hop fans will find that Bradshaw's nimble horn action and Black Thought's staccato delivery complement one another in the 'forbidden fruit' teaser, "Break You Off." Jeff and Marsha Ambrosius pluck heartstrings with the 'morning after' lament, "I Do Sincerely" while Take 6's crisp and nearly-a cappella choruses on "All This Love" elicit fond memories and much audience participation. Jeff Bradshaw's talents on the trombone, self-taught and sharpening with each new release, prove how expressive and essential horns can be. If you're already on 'Team Bradshaw,' Home serves as a reminder of what caught your ears and got you signed up. For those who are late to the arena, this well-executed and enthralling showcase will make you anticipate Bradshaw's next musical move. Highly Recommended.  By Melody CharlesAlbum Image: Click on CD cover to listen or purchaseAlbum Buy Link: Comments: 1Title: Home: One Special Night at the Kimmel CenterASIN:  var amzn_wdgt={widget:'MP3Clips'}; amzn_wdgt.tag='soultracks-20'; amzn_wdgt.widgetType='ASINList'; amzn_wdgt.ASIN='B00UJ005Y2'; amzn_wdgt.title='Home: One Special Night at the Kimmel Center'; amzn_wdgt.width='250'; amzn_wdgt.height='250'; amzn_wdgt.shuffleTracks='False'; amzn_wdgt.marketPlace='US';
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Soul singer Billy Butler dies at age 69

Featured: 1Billy Butler, known to many as the younger brother of the legendary "Ice Man" Jerry Butler, and to deep soul fans as a talented singer and guitarist, has died at age 69. Though sometimes in the shadow of his iconic older brother, Billy had a successful career both as a solo singer and group member. He formed the group The Enchanters in 1963 while still a high schooler. He immediately began working with some of the most important producers in the burgeoning Chicago soul scene, including Carl Davis and Curtis Mayfield.Facebook Comments: 1
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BamaLoveSoul: On Deck 3

Artist: Various ArtistsFeatured: 0List Ranking: 0Review: I can?t pinpoint the moment when southern hip-hop became ratchet. Yes, there are plenty of southern based rap acts who make or have made great music but there a plenty of people for whom the face of southern rap is Two Chainz rather than OutKast or Ludacris. Southern based R&B/soul singers don?t have the same kind of image issues. Beyonce?s from Houston, Ledisi is from New Orleans, Anthony Hamilton is from North Carolina and indie soul king Anthony David hails from Georgia. Countering the prevailing view that all Alabamians or Southerners listen to the same kind of music is what DJ Rahdu had in mind when he started the Website BamaLoveSoul back in 2008. I?ll let you marinate on the silliness of that prevailing view for a while. Can there be people out there who really believe that the millions of Alabama residents have identical musical tastes? There are Southerners who love country music but turn their noses up a Bluegrass just like some fans of R&B don?t listen to the blues. With his mission to use to bring additional exposure to alternative R&B and hip-hop acts, primarily from his state and region, DJ Rahdu is yet another fan of genres rooted in the African-American musical and cultural experience who actively resists the constriction of R&B and hip-hop to songs that manage to receive radio, MTV and major label support. It won?t take many spins of On Deck 3 to realize that most of these cuts will have a hard time finding a place on most hot R&B and hip-hop stations, or even most UAC stations. The irony is that the cuts on On Deck 3 would have received airplay at a time in the not too distant past. The easy fusion of a lyrical MC such as Sean Haefeli with hard bop jazz on the track ?Essential? brings to mind artists such as The Digable Planets or The Native Tongues collective and most notably the late Guru whose Jazzmatazz records still draw a loyal following. The funky/hip-hop reimagining of Nina Simone?s ?Feeling Good? by Mental Abstrato featuring Joycee Weza certainly draws some inspiration from artists such as Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill. A cut such as ?Alive? by Waju & Garumaster featuring. Muc J displays tight rhyming and creating wordplay and inspirational message and artists confident enough go beyond attempting to snare attention with catchy hooks. So what changed in the R&B/hip-hop market that has labels and radio ignoring the diversity represented by the range of voices heard on On Deck 3? Well, there are the usual suspects of consolidation by record labels and radio stations and the general risk averseness of radio station managers. The labels, stations and DJs will all point at the consumer and say they are simply giving the people what they want. The success of and the output on this compilation stands as a strong argument that a lot of people aren?t being counted. Recommended. By Howard Dukes Album Image: Click on CD cover to listen or purchaseAlbum Buy Link: Comments: 1Title: On Deck 3ASIN:  var amzn_wdgt={widget:'MP3Clips'}; amzn_wdgt.tag='soultracks-20'; amzn_wdgt.widgetType='ASINList'; amzn_wdgt.ASIN='B00U6O5WWQ'; amzn_wdgt.title='On Deck 3'; amzn_wdgt.width='250'; amzn_wdgt.height='250'; amzn_wdgt.shuffleTracks='False'; amzn_wdgt.marketPlace='US';
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