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Jai So Soulful - Soul Sessions 7-9pm every Wednesday

So Soulful started as a DJ at the tender age of 15, he was known in the scene as DJ Jai and from the age of 18 has continuously held widely respected and award winning radio shows, as well as playing at numerous venues in the UK and abroad. Regarded as an expert selector and blender, and also a  loyal supporter of home-grown and up-and-coming talent, his Radio shows and Podcasts are consistently in the Top 10 chart on iTunes with over 35,000 downloads this year alone. A regular flow of high profile Artists appearing and performing for him ensures his Mixtape series are hugely popular (these are available to download for free via iTunes).
Soul Sessions 7-9pm every Wednesday hosted by So Soulful, aka DJ Jai is a New 2 hour show of forthcoming upfront Independent Soul and R&B, don't miss out on the world exclusive tracks and wonderful music only on Starpoint Radio.

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Artist: Brandon WilliamsFeatured: 1List Ranking: 0Review: With the emergence of the musical cities in the South over the past decade, traditional Midwestern R&B and Jazz powerhouse cities like Chicago and Cleveland/Dayton have received far less shine. And then there is Detroit, arguably the most important music city in America of the last century. It has, at various times, been at the center of jazz, blues, Gospel, electronic and R&B/soul, with the peak of its influence coming in the 1950s-70s. And while some feel that Detroit's pre-eminence is in the rear view mirror, the Motor City is still, quietly, an assembly line for talent, often now centered in its club and indie music scene. It's that "quietly" part that will cause out-of-towners to stand with mouths agape -- while native Detroiters will simply smile knowingly -- when they all hearXII,the stunning new album by the D's favorite local drummer, Brandon Williams. With a clear musical vision, an amazing set of guests, and exquisite execution, this talented brother, who is a relative unknown outside of his native town, has delivered an unexpected Christmas gift: the best album of 2014. Three decades ago, Quincy Jones brought the "producer's album" to the forefront with his smash LPsThe Dudeand Back On the Block.Theypresaged a generation ofthematic albums driven by ambitious young producers, all being judged with reference to Q's seminal work. Then Robert Glasper reinvented the producer's album for the BAM generation with 2012's Grammy Award winningBlack Radio.The boundary-less musical excellence of that album spoke to adult audiences of both the jazz and R&B, and opened the eyes of music executives (if not urban radio) to the breadth of modern black music beyond hip-hop. It is in that light that Brandon Williams issuesXII,a disc that walks through the door opened by Black Radioand equals Glasper's gem in every way, while in the process also harkening back to the work of greatest soulful jazz producers of the past half century. One sign of a great producer is the ability to guide the vision of a project while also allowing the artists to deliver their own voices. And Williams' success is a reflection of his personality as one who makes his direction known without overpowering his impressive guests. Musical visitors like Amp Fiddler, Bernard Wright, Derrick Hodge,Li'l John Roberts, Dennis Coffey, Lin Rountree, Nicholas Payton and a roster of other notables shine in an environment that feels both controlled and free flowing. And a jaw-dropping collection of many of thebrightest vocalists of the indie soul movement also participate, each seemingly matched with the perfect vehicle to shine. There are several movements and styles toXII, but two particularly stand out: The first is a series of jazz-influenced songs that pay subtle modern tribute to past masters such as Quincy Jones ("Velas Icadas feat. Nadia Washington & Nicholas Payton"), George Duke ("Spend My Life feat. Don Blackman & Geno Young"), Joe Sample ("Godsend feat. De'Sean Jones & Jon Dixon") and even Glasper, who lends his assistance on "Now I Know" (feat. Jesse Boykins III). While surrounded by tracks that lean more toward adult soul, these songs are in no way out of place, providing unspoken context and historicity to the album, as if to create a foundation for the other thirteen cuts, most of which fall into the second stylistic camp, adult soul (save theopening two outlier cuts, a funSesame Streetcover and the hip-hop oriented "Intimidation (So Fine)"). Most listeners will gravitate to the preponderence of the disc that fits squarely in the adult soul mode, in its highest form.Mid-album brings five consecutive tracks on which Williams coaxes career performances by talented emerging female vocalists. "Leave Love Be" is an ethereal, gorgeously lush ballad that hot newcomer Alex Isley (daughter of Ernie Isley) delivers with striking innocence, supported by the Cali trio, Moonchild. It is followed by longtime DC favorite, Deborah Bond, on "Make Believe," a fantastic, horn-filled midtempo that seamlessly leads into the muscular neo soul interlude, "You Make Love Real," fronted by Detroiter Joi Tiffany. For those who haven't followed Jean Baylor since her Zhane days, "Stronger" (co-written by Baylor and her husband Marcus) displays her underrated mastery as a song stylist; its the kind of mature soul ballad that Anita Baker or Regina Belle would have killed for in the 90s. The series ends with longtime SoulTracks fave Choklate baring her heart with full attitude intact on the fabulous "Where'd You Come From." Even outside the song clusters described above, repeated listenings of XIIreveal additional gems, fromthe breathily glorious vocals of Chicagoan Meaghan MacNeal on "Mind, Body and Soul" to the rock solid performances of indie soul star Frank McComb on the midtempo "Feel Free" and rising singer/songwriter Matt Cusson on the pop/jazz number "Everything," to the sweet, sexy ballad "I Love You," featuring Anesha and Casey Benjamin- any of which would bethecut on most albums, but which here are simply more stars in the crowded constellation ofXII. Cynicism is often the best friend of a reviewer, helping him or her to deal honestly with artists who compromise their artistry for elusive sales or who simply don't have the chops, no matter how earnest they are. It is rarer that the reviewer experiences an album that melts the cynicism and turns him or her into a pure fan again.XIIis that album. It is the kind of project that adult soulheads routine scream for and rarely receive; one that pays such close attention to detail -- from uniformly strong material to exquisite production and musicianship to nearly perfect vocal performances -- that it draws comparisons to not only the best albums of 2014, but to the greatest "producer's" albums of the past generation. For all those who spend their days complaining about what modern music isn't, Brandon Williams has delivered an album that instead screams of all that it is and can be.XIIis an unadulterated triumph and a reminder of the power of music - rarely delivered - to transport its listeners to place where no other art form can take them.Highly Recommended. By Chris Rizik Album Image: Click on CD cover to listen or purchaseAlbum Buy Link: Comments: 1
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New First Listen: James Day and Friends create a "Repertoire"

Featured: 0SoulTrackers know that we've been following the career of songwriter extraordinaire James Day for years now. He is a multiple-timeSoulTracks Readers' Choice Awardnominee and he has created a number of albums that have really resonated with our readers.Facebook Comments: 1
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First Look: Millie Jackson's daughter Keisha gives you her "All"

Featured: 0Keisha Jacksonwas born into music royalty and you can tell it as soon as she opens her mouth. Keisha is the daughter of R&B legend Millie Jackson. She began her career backing her mother at the age of 16, and Keisha has since developed a career as a vocal coach with her One Voice Entertainment Agency while simultaneously lending her powerful pipes to the likes of Whitney Houston, Erykah Badu, Outkast and Toni Braxton among others.Facebook Comments: 1
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World Premiere First Listen: Fella Soul delivers a positive "Testimony" from the movie Yanks

Featured: 1Johnny Louis III, akaFella Soul, is a new vocal talent who is delivering a very positive brand of R&B and Hip Hop music.Facebook Comments: 1
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First Look: Sheena O. Murray is the “One”

Featured: 0Jamaica nativeSheena O. Murray migrated to Brooklyn, New York at the age of five and then moved to Florida at the age of nine. She began her musical journey while in High School as a theater geek performing in stage plays and musicals. She then transitioned, after those four years of campy musical theater performances, to vocal endeavors. Two girl groups proved unfulfilling and a solo career developed when she realized that she could carry her own on stage.Facebook Comments: 1
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