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The UK Soul Chart plays the top 30 new soulful tunes of the week & interviews with the artists. 
Presented by Kevin J The chart reflects the radio airplay in the UK and selected top soul tastemakers playlists. Read more

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Jai So Soulful - Soul Sessions 7-9pm every Wednesday

So Soulful started as a DJ at the tender age of 15, he was known in the scene as DJ Jai and from the age of 18 has continuously held widely respected and award winning radio shows, as well as playing at numerous venues in the UK and abroad. Regarded as an expert selector and blender, and also a  loyal supporter of home-grown and up-and-coming talent, his Radio shows and Podcasts are consistently in the Top 10 chart on iTunes with over 35,000 downloads this year alone. A regular flow of high profile Artists appearing and performing for him ensures his Mixtape series are hugely popular (these are available to download for free via iTunes).
Soul Sessions 7-9pm every Wednesday hosted by So Soulful, aka DJ Jai is a New 2 hour show of forthcoming upfront Independent Soul and R&B, don't miss out on the world exclusive tracks and wonderful music only on Starpoint Radio.

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News and Reviews

16 Reasons You Should Buy This Album

Artist: LeeFeatured: 0List Ranking: 0Review: We all claim to hate those ubiquitous best of lists, but we really don?t, and that?s why anybody who wants to look like an expert continues to make them. Actually, what we love to do is argue over lists, and that makes them the ultimate conversation piece. A bunch of NBA executives say Kobe Bryant is the 40th best player in the NBA (at best), and he goes off and Mike and Mike issue a top 10 trending topic on Twitter. Some music guru includes Robin Thicke on a list of top R&B singers while excluding (insert the name of your favored soul man here) and Twitter tears him (or her) a new one. Humanity will have a lot to talk about between now and the New Year as magazines and TV shows employ a battalion of authorities to churn out their year-end best of lists with assembly line efficiency. The Internet has unlimited space and need to fill that space with the most arcane and inane things, and BuzzFeed sits at atop the list of list makers due to the site?s quirky subject matter and numbering system (23 Songs Every Former Emo Kid Will Never Forget). So it is probably with a nod to BuzzFeed that The Square Egg front man Lee Williams titled his third solo album 16 Reasons You Should Buy This Album. BuzzFeed?s list numbering system is probably a closely held secret, but Lee?s title refers to the number of tracks on his album. That album?s title marks Lee as an artist who is self-aware enough to understand the pricelessness of a well-dropped pop culture reference and self-confident to know that he?s got a pretty good album on his hands. 16 Reasons is joyously funky and satirically insightful ? often within the confines of the same song as is the case with ?Some Girls,? which could be a funk/hip-hop version of ?American Woman,? if the Guess Who did funk/hip-hop fusion back in 1970. In the Guess Who song, the American Woman was a metaphor for militarism, exceptionalism and materialism that seduced the nation into Vietnam. The girls in Lee?s tune are the people who seek to prove their support for the dispossessed by spouting slogans, but who want to change the subject when talk shifts to substantive issues such the prison industrial complex and economic inequality: ?Some girls say I got a chip on my shoulder/Some girls tell me that Obama?s hot/But when I talk about black unemployment/Some girls don?t really wanna listen a lot/Some girls say they like the color of my skin/We?re living in a post racial society/But when I shop at American Apparel/Some girls always gotta keep an eye on me.? Tracks like ?American Tail? showcase Lee?s skill as a storyteller. The funky track begins with a minute plus introduction of Lee?s love of music, as well as the philosophy that informs his work before melding into a story about liaison between a family man with an undercover fetish for cocaine fueled sex fantasies and a call girl. Lee alternates between telling the story from the point of view of the man and the woman. ?She tells herself that this money/She?s saving it for school/Five grand a night to play dress up/It?s really kind of cool/There?s no difference between whores and wives anyway/Except whores don?t deal with headaches/Besides they get more pay.? ?Crazy Love,? is an old fashioned funky rocker complete with kicking drums, delightful backing harmonies and blaring horns. The arrangement is so infectious that it makes the tune?s story about unrequited love sound appealing. ?Something To Die For? finds Lee singing an anti-war anthem from the point of view of a soldier who is destined to die in a foreign land after being seduced by political slogans about why we fight rather than fully understanding what the fight is truly about. Lee?s 16 Reasons You Should Buy This Album is a diverse project with songs touching on the political, the philosophical and the sensual with the common theme being the lyrical quality and the type of instrumental energy that listeners of indie soul know is commonplace, but that mainstream music fans mistakenly believe can only be heard on the Sunday oldies shows. In the end, Lee?s list of 16 reasons to purchase his latest project boils down to one ? it?s all that and more. Highly Recommended. By Howard DukesAlbum Image: Click on CD cover to listen or purchaseAlbum Buy Link: Comments: 1Title: LeeASIN:  var amzn_wdgt={widget:'MP3Clips'}; amzn_wdgt.tag='soultracks-20'; amzn_wdgt.widgetType='ASINList'; amzn_wdgt.ASIN='B00PAYRZJU'; amzn_wdgt.title='Lee'; amzn_wdgt.width='250'; amzn_wdgt.height='250'; amzn_wdgt.shuffleTracks='False'; amzn_wdgt.marketPlace='US';
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First Listen: Faith Evans & Keke Wyatt “Make Love” To A Hot New Track

Featured: 1On Monday, November 24th, Faith Evans dropped her eighth studio album (counting her holiday and R&B Divas compilation projects), Incomparable(Prolific Music Group), for an eager public who?d already spent the summer bumping new jams like ?I Deserve It (featuring Missy Elliott & Sharaya J)? and ?Good Time (featuring Problem).? Joining the former TV One R&Facebook Comments: 1
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Home for the Holidays

Artist: Anthony HamiltonFeatured: 0List Ranking: 0Review: As family and friends gather around for the Christmas holidays, that infectious spirit comes alive with children playing, lots of romance in the air, gift giving and listening to the hymns, carols and hits that kindly remind them of this once a year event. Those special memories have inspired recording artists to spread even more holiday cheer towards their fans. And the more Christmas projects that are in the air, other artists who have heard some kind of joyful noise from their musical peers eventually want to get in on the action. When family man and quintessential soul man Anthony Hamilton announced he would release a holiday disc in 2014, it came as no surprise to his fans and critics who already knew he could sing about anything and everything in genuine fashion. Those who have followed Hamilton on his roller coaster ride in and out of several record label deals since his out-of-print 1996 bow, XTC, instantly recognize his trademark expressive vocals that resonate over many country miles, captured with his trademark gritty soulful tenor, graced by kicking gospel passion and enriched by his storytelling integrity. His keepin? it real attitude is reflected in several of his best known work: sacrificing love for the musicians? road ? his signature song, ?Charlene,? handling life without a father ? ?Comin? Where I?m From,? and praying for restoration in a relationship ? ?Pray for Me.? In the case of Hamilton?s latest work, Home for the Holidays, his attraction to the coolness of Christmas music and the enjoyment it has brought to his family was enough inspiration to feed off his passionate soulful palette. Home for The Holidays reflects the warm feelings surrounding the season and of course, dishes out the honest, emotional pie that Hamilton?s loyal fans have come to expect. ?It?s Christmas? provides a song to take a load off one?s feet decorated by modern R&B dance grooves, complete with sleigh bells and chimes. Hamilton throws down some Motown on "Spend Christmas with You:" ?The only thing that I need/Is having you right next to me.? ??Tis the Season" resonates with Hamilton?s effortless soulful swagger: ?Nothing ever feels this good.? In a completely different musical shade, the title track featuring Gavin McGraw runs on a soft country vibe, but maintains that gritty Hamilton aftertaste. Along with the original compositions, there are several covers on Home for The Holidays, most of which are favorable choices that match Hamilton?s emphatic personality. ?Away in a Manger? is completely flipped into a front porch blues, centered around a perfectly suited duet with ZZ Ward and a gospel choir joining in on the finish. Hamilton provides a very respectable reading of the James Brown holiday hit, ?Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto.? While ?Please Come Home for Christmas? possesses a bit less of Hamilton?s usual spark, The Emotions classic 1973 ballad on Stax Records, ?What Do The Lonely Do at Christmas,? makes up in charismatic volumes. He also lights several fires under the Harry Simone choir piece, ?Little Drummer Boy,? underneath a catchy electric piano hook, saxophone fills and bongo tingles: ?We come to rock/We come to sing/We come to celebrate the living king.? The interlude is just as tasty with a simmering soul-gospel three-part harmony. Hamilton brings his down-home spirit of Christmas into Home for the Holidays. While some musicians attempt to package their holiday goods in over-jazzed up arrangements, Hamilton strays from compromising his own artistic merit by keeping it soulfully fresh with the Christmas chestnuts and delivering several potentially new R&B holiday favorites, especially with the title track and ?'Tis the Season.? Besides his long-time fans, families will fully appreciate this timeless present in Home for the Holidays from one of soul music?s more recent gems. Highly Recommended.By Peggy OliverAlbum Image: Click on CD cover to listen or purchaseAlbum Buy Link: Comments: 1Title: Anthony HamiltonASIN:  var amzn_wdgt={widget:'MP3Clips'}; amzn_wdgt.tag='soultracks-20'; amzn_wdgt.widgetType='ASINList'; amzn_wdgt.ASIN='B00O0PPWOK'; amzn_wdgt.title='Anthony Hamilton'; amzn_wdgt.width='250'; amzn_wdgt.height='250'; amzn_wdgt.shuffleTracks='False'; amzn_wdgt.marketPlace='US';
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First Listen: Shanice is back and is taking the "Blame"

Featured: 0There?s no doubt that Shanice is one talented singer, but many people still think of her as the child singer who scored big on Star Search or as the star of the new reality showFlex & Shanice,rather than as an adult artist who is one heckuva vocalist.Facebook Comments: 1
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SoulTracks Lost Gem: A Jimmy Ruffin 1980s double-play

Featured: 0When Jimmy Ruffin passed away earlier this week, it reminded us of some of his lesser known work. ?The Foolish Thing To Do? was released in 1986 as the A side of Jimmy's release with Heaven 17, but tucked away on the B Side of the 7 and 12 inch only release was Jimmy's version of the Luther Vandross classic ?My Sensitivity.? The act, Heaven 17, also known as B.E.F.Facebook Comments: 1
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