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Sean O’Connor – Rest In Peace

Our thoughts are with Sharon and the rest of his family.From everyone here at Starpoint Radio, we salute you Sean.


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News and Reviews

First Listen: Lianne La Havas keeps us up after "Midnight"

Featured: 0When all alone in the shower, it's the rare person who doesn't, at least sometimes, break out in joyous song. Few, however, can do it quite like this.   Singing her track "Midnight" from her just-released album Blood, Lianne La Havas shows us why she is one of the premier singer/songwriters of her generation:  A signature voice, effortless, interesting guitar playing, lyrical depth, and a gift for memorable melodies.   "Midnight" is our newest SoulTracks First Listen. So come on in, the water and music are warm here!Facebook Comments: 1
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Bassmentality 3 (album review)

Artist: Amp FiddlerFeatured: 0List Ranking: 0Review: Some creatives are like mad scientists, never satisfied or settling into a single story. Sometimes their experimentations with texture, sound, and effect create wonderful masterpieces that defy expectation and delight the soul at the heights human ingenuity can climb. Other times, the artistic trials result in head scratchers that can make one wince and hope for better next time, while still trusting the talent of the chooser. The third installment in the Bassmentality series by underground Detroit legend, Amp Fiddler, has a bit of both. When the chemistry congeals, everything is gravy. And when it doesn?t, that gravy is lumpy as the bumps on the back of an Néstle Crunch bar. On his third release in a year and a half, the singer, songwriter, and producer of Bassmentality 3 works to identify the next evolution in funk, by incorporating elements of electronica, hip hop, house, and good old fashioned soul to the mix. With his latest, there are even elements of rock, as with the incredible ?All In A Dream.? Fiddler is one of a select group of exemplary contemporary artists who have multiple musical movements in their work, instead of just the usual verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, vamp out of most songs. The transitions feel organic and fresh on cuts like ?Funny When? and ?All In A Dream,? the latter of which includes a bit of psychedelia cut against some intricate percussion work, contributing to the dreamlike quality the lyrics describe. Likewise, the free-floating ?Funny When,? perhaps the most sparkling gem of this ocean, has the most engaging elixir of experimentation in lyric, music, arrangement, and performance in this otherwise hodgepodge collection. The rollicking ?Nothing Can Keep Me? is another highly transitory work that never comfortably settles into the predictable, with its liberal use of distortion effects and Fiddler accessing the rougher side of his rebel yell. It doesn?t go down easy, but its complexity admirably coheres with an apparent artistry. The whole thing seems to be held together by a bassline that lends to a sense of continuity on its schizophrenic journey. The question is whether it?s avant-garde is something you want to hear on repeat. The answer to that question for the far less interesting ?Energy? is a resounding ?no.? As the dragging, repetitive cut suffers from too much cooking in the kitchen, burning away any further interest one has in ever hearing that song again. To name a song ?Energy? that has none feels like an exercise in irony that here feels unintended. The more entertaining and accessible ?Send A Message ? Yam Who Edit? is the most like the danceable material on the utterly sublime Bassmentality 2, the high point in the series to-date, but the shorter version is preferable over the near 10?minute endurance test that is the ?80s funk and house 12-inch of ?Send A Message Yam Who?s Boogie? version. On the long version, let?s just say I failed the test. Luckily, the alchemist Fiddler doesn?t entirely fail the chemistry exam that is Bassmentality 3, but there are a few occasions that he comes close to blowing up the lab with one too many ingredients. Modestly Recommended.    By L. Michael Gipson Album Image: Click on CD cover to listen or purchaseAlbum Buy Link: Comments: 1ASIN: .
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You Change (album review)

Artist: Lindsey WebsterFeatured: 0List Ranking: 0Review: If Carole King and Sade had a kid, she would be Lindsey Webster. Sultry with a silken feel, Webster?s instrument on her second outing is given a worthy, gorgeously produced showcase that is set to dazzle newcomers who missed her critically acclaimed, self-titled debut. Hailed by such stars as Sting and Michael Bolton as a brilliant artist, Webster is the latest in a line of blue-eyed soul artists who are leading with strong songwriting and live instrumentation, keeping it simple yet effective (See: Allen Stone, Mayer Hawthorne, Diane Birch, etc.). The native New Yorker is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and cellist, and while clarity and simplicity seem to be her artistic calling cards, she?s never boring on an album that grips you right from ?Fool Me Once? and never lets go over its ten-song run of smooth bliss. Not you?d want it to. What is perhaps most thrilling about listening to Lindsey Webster?s voice is that unlike many in the more recent blue-eyed soul tradition, there is nothing affected about her voice, no wanna-be Amy Winehouse inflections, and little that is trying to perform ?blackness.? Webster possesses a sound that is as sincere as it is full and supple, caressing everything from once in a lifetime ballads as ?I Found You? to jazzy mid-tempo grooves like ?Open Up.? While Webster definitely has a preferred sweet spot in her vocal placement, she knows how to kick it up a notch and go for the big notes, swooping and soaring when the moment calls for it. The musical training is apparent, but Webster is so casual and easy that one doesn?t ever feel like she?s showing off, her music, even on vaguely gospel soaked cuts like ?Lost One,? just relaxes and calms the nerves. Her music just feel good. With her long-time songwriting and production partner Keith Slattery (Mark Gray also co-produced), Webster keeps the unobtrusive production on You Change open and spacious with plenty of jazz influences, but also like Carole King?s best material, the project marries singer/songwriter pop and classic soul elements, particularly on the title track. Webster was the 2014 Winner of the Independent Music Award for ?Best Acoustic Song? for her debut album cut, ?Choices,? and her Atlanta Records debut could easily sweep this year?s awards given the consistency of the project?s quality. Little here feels off, excessive, or underdone, even less compelling tracks like ?In Love? and ?Break Through? have a sense of belonging. While Webster is definitely an original, influences can still be heard. Tapestry-era King seems to be a regular reference point. Emotive, yet clean-cut piano ballads like ?Bleed? may draw comparisons to Sara Bareilles?s woefully unsung Once Upon Another Time EP, while smooth jazz fare like ?Open Up,? ?Fool Me Once,? and the moody, Norman Connors flavored ?Universe? are right up Sade?s alley. While some critics have compared Webster to Mariah Carey, only ?Lost One? has any of the feel of Carey and only the Carey of ?Visions of Love? days, without any of the melisma and aerial notes that characterizes Carey?s powerful vocal approach. Not that any of those comparisons really matter as more than a critic?s reference; Webster doesn?t need the vocal extras to convincingly sell a song, and You Change proves there?s enough of her own signature by this sophomore project to safely call Lindsey Webster a consummate and complete artist all on her own. You should treat yourself to an introduction with You Change, and then go back for more. Highly Recommended. By L. Michael Gipson Album Image: Click on CD cover to listen or purchaseAlbum Buy Link: Comments: 1ASIN: .
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New Listening Room - Get ready to love "Bespeak Love"

Featured: 0A recent article said that compilations are to 2015 what mixtapes were a generation ago: the best way to discover new music and new artists. But the brand new compilation album, Bespeak Love, is more than that: It is a way to discover a soulful, musical city. Portland, Oregon has quietly been the home of a new generation of incredible independent artists who are improving the world of soul music.Facebook Comments: 1
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Water Seed brings the funk to the Midwest

Featured: 0Finally making their way to the Midwest on an 8 date tour, New Orleans' own Water Seed brings their very funky band of future stars. Water Seed has been creating a buzz all over the band's hometown of New Orleans with one of the most dynamic funk shows on the circuit. They have been called a "fresh mixture of the Hot 8 Brass Band meets The Meters."Facebook Comments: 1
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