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News and Reviews

Charlie Wilson to release new album Feb. 17th with national tour

Featured: 0Los Angeles, CA (December 5, 2016) ? Eleven-time Grammy nominee, Charlie Wilson, announced today that his upcoming national arena tour will kick off on February 8, 2017 in Norfolk, VA.  The tour, In It To Win It,is also the title of Wilson?s new album which is slated for release on February 17, 2017 and features musical guests Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, Robin Thicke, Wiz Khalifa, and TI.  The first single, ?Chills,? is coming soon.Facebook Comments: 1
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Best of Soul (album review)

Artist: Mario BiondiFeatured: 0List Ranking: 0Review: Mario Biondi - Best of Soul Italian singer Mario Biondi is not a well-known name to American audiences, though with ten years of consistent, platinum-selling R&B, soul, and disco material, perhaps he should be. Best of Soul, Biondi?s ninth album since 2006, certainly makes a strong case for why he should have a greater audience here in the States than he does. A successful international voiceover artist for such animated films as Tangled and Rio,  Biondi, with his mellifluous baritone, may be more familiar to your children or grandchildren than to you. With the Best of Soul, you may want to correct that omission. If Tom Jones, Barry White, and latter-years Frank Sinatra had a son from Catania, Italy, he would most definitely be one Mr. Mario Biondi. The analogy crossing three legendary artists that personify ?70s-era Vegas, Big Band, and Orchestral Soul isn?t by chance; it?s where Mario Biondi lives. That is, when the songs aren?t bordering on the lesser known Broadway canon of the late ?60s and early ?70s, when the New York musical was considered in creative decline, but still possessed a very distinctive old school showbiz flash and a burgeoning, newfound seriousness with shows like Pippin?, Follies, Raisin, and Stop The World - I Want To Get Off. Like Barry White, there has always been a leaning toward the orchestral razzle-dazzle in Biondi?s material, sometimes giving Biondi?s work an artifice belied by the earnestness of his heavy voice. But, on the Best of Soul, the glimmers feel a bit more jazzy and restrained in the vein of Old Blue Eyes, if still ever present through the production?s blaring horns, shimmering bell trees, and thrilling cha-cha rhythms. It greatly helps that both Biondi and the songs themselves are in very fine, melodious voice. The disco meets jazzy soul arrangements for the world wind ?I Will Never Stop Loving You,? ?Do You Feel Like I Feel,? ?Never Die,? and ?You Are My Queen? are all classic Biondi-in-Vegas showstoppers, but the hooks dig a little deeper, the band is more vibrant, and the vocal performance is more fluid and effortless from a baritone that could be accused of being stiff, straining, and even laborious on early recordings. Throughout Best of Soul, it is clear Biondi now knows the limitations of his range and his instrument?s impactful strengths in ways that weren?t as apparent earlier in his canon. As with stunning new soul classics like ?Gratitude,? Biondi?s powerful mid-range voice has shown up beautifully with distinctive phrasing and a flawless sense of timing and swing that are gifts to behold. You can hear his swaggering nuances on Biondi?s covers of Randy Crawford?s ?Rio de Janeiro Blue? and the rarely reimagined Commodores classic ?Nightshift,? both sure, thoughtful performances. After being co-signed in the past by such legends as Chaka Khan, Leon Ware, and Al Jarreau, with whom Biondi sang duets on 2013?s masterful Sun, it should be no surprise that James Taylor decided to sit with him again for a spell for a rousing, eleventh-hour number on the soulful house of ?Deep Space? (the first time being on 2011?s Due). Here, as with most of Best of Soul, Biondi?s at his funky, howling, emotional best when riding percussive rhythms like this sweeping, panoramic song that perfectly captures Biondi?s international appeal as an apt pupil of some of the more bedazzled showmen of music?s flashy, bygone era. Highly Recommended. By L. Michael Gipson Album Image: Click on CD cover to listen or purchaseAlbum Buy Link: Comments: 1
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Colorblind Love

Artist: October LondonFeatured: 0List Ranking: 0Review: October London - Colorblind Love When one hears the phrase ?presented by Snoop Dogg,? one isn?t entirely certain what to expect. Are we talking the Snoop Dogg that presents ratchet pimp pornos or the Snoop Dogg that is stirring a creamy roux next to Good Housekeeping impresario Martha Stewart? In this instance, with the introduction of the young soul crooner, October London, we get the Snoop Dogg who has been devotedly in love with his wife for more than two decades and has always had a backdrop of classic soul and funk sounds to his less than wholesome flows. He?s also absent from this presentation in body, but not in taste. Through London?s stellar debut project, we get a travelogue through the annals of classic soul, a feat pulled off most recently by artists like Robin Thicke and R. Kelly, but this time without the principled icks that come in supporting either controversial artists? work. A relative newcomer to the commercial scene, London is an exceptionally versatile vocalist who can evoke various beloved artists of yesteryear with a sense of humor and a knowing irony. Like his counterparts Anderson.Paak and BJ The Chicago Kid, London lays, over classic sounds, contemporary lyrics that can be as rough as they are soothing, with more of the latter than the former. As a lyricist, London is direct and clear, even as his storytelling is more promise than arrival (there are notable non-linear jumps in his laundry list of offenses on his single, ?Black Man in America?). His artistry is one that impresses in both what is and what is expected to come. As a project, Colorblind Love is too familiar in the way a covers album too often is to be considered a classic debut in the ways that say a Carl Thomas, D?Angelo, or even Keith Sweat?s first albums were, even as all of the songs here save one (a flawless recreation of Smokey Robinson?s ?Quiet Storm?) are originals. Its familiarity is also why it works. These are the nostalgic sunshine streets and blue-lit night sounds we miss and are always happy to embrace when well executed by a confident talent. With veteran producer Jazze Pha (Ciara, Usher, Monica, Aaliyah, Fantasia) behind the boards, the era of our parents is perfectly captured. It helps that the era is one that Deniece ?Niecey? Williams? son, Mr. Pha, would know quite well. Whether London is doing an impression of Marvin Gaye (?Color Blind,? ?Slow Dance,? and ?Bring Me Up? featuring Faith Evans), Al Green (?Shoulder To Lean On?), or Donny Hathaway (?Black Man in America?), he?s never less than authentic and sincere. His not so subtle approach isn?t a talent show doppleganger as much as heavily influenced by the greats, and he does so smiling all the way through with the knowledge that he has the chops to pull it off, especially on a cut like ?Love in the Summer.? In this way, R. Kelly?s woefully unsung Write Me Back and the too-on-the nose re-creations of Robin Thicke?s Blurred Lines are apt antecedents. Only with London you get to lean back, smile with him, and enjoy this easy trip down memory lane, without any creepy backstories interrupting your conscious or good time. Highly Recommended. By L. Michael Gipson Album Image: Click on CD cover to listen or purchaseAlbum Buy Link: Comments: 1
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Concert Review: Mary J Blige and Maxwell rock the house

Featured: 0Concert Review: Mary J. Blige, Maxwell and Ro JamesDecember 2, 2016By Melody Charles Pain, passion and partying all the way through: clouds and chilly rain may have loomed outdoors, but thousands of fans enjoyed the heartwarming soul of newcomer Ro James and co-headliners Maxwell and Mary J. Blige, who regaled the nearly packed-out Dallas' American Airlines Center on Friday night.Facebook Comments: 1
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Watch "Unsung: Howard Hewett"

Featured: 0Howard Hewett is one of the most talented soul singers of the past two decades. In group settings, as a guest vocalist and as a solo singer, Hewett's virtually irresistible voice has wrapped itself around material of various quality - turning good songs into great records and doing his best to save some of the lesser material with which he has sometimes been saddled as a solo artist.Facebook Comments: 1
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