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News and Reviews

Lost Gem: Kool & The Gang reunited "In The Hood"

There weren't many bands in the 1980s that had the golden touch that Kool & The Gang had. With #1 smashes like "Ladies Night" and "Celebration," they could do no wrong from 1979 to 1986, and they toured the world around their platinum recording success.

Featured Album - N'Dambi returns with a gem

As our Melody Charles beautifully described in her new review, "Like other meaningful artists who came before her, N’Dambi is felt before she is heard. Gifted with a raw, resonant contralto and a presence that’s both sultry and self-possessed, the Dallas, Texas native is a performer who can reflect a given mood as well as she can create one.

First Listen: Jessy J wows them at Yoshi's

(May 26, 2018) As one of the most in-demand musicians in the years since she was first noticed by record producer Paul Brown, Jessy J celebrates a decade-long accomplished career with a stunning performance captured at one of jazz music’s top-notch clubs.  Live at Yoshi’s 10 Year Anniversary Special is the latest release from Jessy’s Changi Records moniker, where the saxophonist/vocalist delivered plenty of her trademark Latin-spiced contemporary jazz flavors to the party, including the 2008 Billboard hit that started it all, “Tequila Moon.”  But our First

First Listen: Jocelyn Brown classic is beautifully refreshed

(May 26, 2018) The producing and DJ duo of Micky More and Andy Tee – the leaders of the collective Groove Culture -- are known as the Italian Masters of Real House Music, and after listening to some of their work it’s easy to see why. They fuse their brand of house/EDM fuses the vocal elements of soul and gospel while also adding a touch of jazz to the arrangements in a way that addresses the usual criticism that this music is repetitive. 

First Listen: Sheila Carlito draws a "Cartoon"

(May 23, 2018) Sheila Carlito is finally ready to launch out into the deep. After cutting his teeth as a songwriter on the Roc Nation Publishing roll, the New York-based singer-songwriter is now stepping out with solo material. The latest of his creations, “Cartoon,” easily transports the eager listener into a Stevie-meets-Frank Ocean orbit, giving off quite a stunning Quiet Storm haze.

First Listen: Carrie Lucas, the first lady of SOLAR, returns

(May 22, 2018) From the mid 1970s to the mid ‘80s, Carrie Lucas released half a dozen fine soul LP’s for SOLAR (and before that, Soul Train) Records. While labelmates such as Shalamar and Lakeside may have eclipsed her success in chart stats, the silky-voiced siren developed a dedicated following with romantic midtempo gems (“Just a Memory” and a cover of Barbara Lewis’s “Hello Stranger”) and funky grooves (“Show Me Where You’re Coming From,” “I Gotta Keep Dancin’,” and “Dance with You”).

First Listen: David P. Stevens and Carol Riddick give us the groove “2nite”

(May 21, 2018) David P. Stevens is known as a soulful, genre bending, energetic, jazz tinged guitarist, who is not afraid to break the rules when it comes to his artistry.  He has been hitting the Billboard charts lately in a big way, and is getting ready to release his album Rogue on August 3.

Rogue has David teaming with a number of wonderful other artists, including longtime SoulTracks fave Carol Riddick, who helps David on the vocals for the cool, upbeat number “2nite.”

First Listen: Binky Womack wants a “Piece of That Pie”

(May 21, 2018) There aren't many families that have had more of an impact on soul music than the legendary Womack family. And that talented family continues to make an impact through the emergence of Curtis "Binky" Womack. Binky is the son of the late Curtis Womack of The Womack Brothers and has made a career for himself as a top tier session guitarist.