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Opportunities at Starpoint Radio

Starpoint Radio is constantly looking at ways to improve its service and programming. As such we are looking for new presenters and also volunteers to help run the station If you feel you have what it takes and would like to part of this exciting and growing project, please contact us at


The UK Soul Chart has moved to a new time on Starpoint Radio :- Saturday Nights 10pm - 12midnight
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The UK Soul Chart plays the top 30 new soulful tunes of the week & interviews with the artists. 
Presented by Kevin J The chart reflects the radio airplay in the UK and selected top soul tastemakers playlists. Read more

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Steve  Aggasild with SOULANDJAZZFLAVAS

SOULANDJAZZFLAVAS will broadcast on  on alternative Tuesday nights been 7 & 9pm GST, compiled, produced & presented by ‘The Soul Master’ – SteveAggasild

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News and Reviews

First Listen: River Cities Souls deliver the goods with debut song

Featured: 0UK band River Cities Souls combines elements ofNorthern Soul, American Funk, Eighties Electronica, Classic Soul, R&B and many more into a tasty mix that has won over lots of fans on the other side of the pond. Now they're reaching out to US audience with their first single, the appropriately titled "River Cities Soul." Check it out below and tell us what you think!Facebook Comments: 1
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First Look: Nicole Henry knows what to do "At This Moment"

Featured: 0"Nicole Henry possesses the kind of sing-the-phone-book voice that is both commonplace and necessary among interpreters of the Great American Songbook. Her phrasing is impeccable and Henry also has the kind of vocal pronunciation that ensures that her listeners will understand each word."Facebook Comments: 1
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Storytelling Side 1: The Simple Things (2014)

Artist: Gwendolyn CollinsFeatured: 0List Ranking: 0Review: For Americans looking to sing what can be called Adult Urban Contemporary music, the path of least resistance often leads overseas. New Jersey native Gwendolyn Collins took that path, gaining a following in Europe in the run up to the release of her new project Storytelling Side 1: The Simple Things. ?Share,? Collins? definitely-for-grown-folks single, reached the Top 30 in the UK, and American fans can hear that tune on Storytelling Side 1: The Simple Things. What exactly will music lovers hear when they listen to ?Share?? The tune?s subject matter ? mnage a trios ? will likely set some listeners? teeth on edge while others will view ?Share? as an erotic tale well-told. A major sticking point will be the tune?s point of view being a woman who tells her man that she?s fine with sharing their bed with another woman. Classic feminists might call this another example in popular music where women allowing themselves to be used as props for the fantasies of men. A post-feminist view might be that Collins is open to exploring all aspects of her sexuality, that she will not be defined by the gender and sexual roles and mores of the past, and that such explorations could lead to places where plenty of men would not feel comfortable going. Artists such as Beyonc and Nicki Minaj both created work that contributed to this conversation in recent years, and with ?Share? Collins created a record that captured the zeitgeist of the times. Musically, ?Share? stands as an example of where Collins excels as a vocalist, a storyteller and an arranger. Collins is most comfortable working in the intersection between jazz and soul. She is at her best when the tempo slows to a point where the lights dim and two people want to be physically and emotionally close. An upright bass and percussions propel ?Share? and give the cut a wide the space for Collins? cooingly seductive vocals and some piano improvisation. The atmospheric ?Mars? showcases Collins? ability to deploy the tools of contemporary R&B production with imaginative storytelling in a way that shows that it?s possible to balance eroticism and mature lyricism. They keyboards give ?Mars? a suspended in zero gravity feel, and the song paints a picture of an intimacy that allows two lovers to float into the heavens. ?Heaven Sent,? is a classic blues infused R&B/neo-soul ballad that is Collins? love letter to the wonderful way her man makes her feel. The tune could have easily come from Stephanie Mills in 1984 or Jill Scott in 2004 ? two women who likely serve as Collins influences. When it comes to the art of the love, most mature folks want more and less. These listeners want something more than idealized, overly simplistic ballads geared toward adolescents, and they want something less than cuts mistake explicitness or eroticism and objectification for romance. On Storytelling Side 1: The Simple Things, Collins shows that she is an artist that is adept at giving the people what they want. Recommended. By Howard DukesAlbum Image: Click on CD cover to listen or purchaseAlbum Buy Link: Comments: 1Title: Gwendolyn CollinsASIN:  var amzn_wdgt={widget:'MP3Clips'}; amzn_wdgt.tag='soultracks-20'; amzn_wdgt.widgetType='ASINList'; amzn_wdgt.ASIN='B00M0PNINE'; amzn_wdgt.title='Gwendolyn Collins'; amzn_wdgt.width='250'; amzn_wdgt.height='250'; amzn_wdgt.shuffleTracks='False'; amzn_wdgt.marketPlace='US';
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Maxwell enlists eclectic lineup for Caribbean cruise

Featured: 0Phoenix, Arizona(18 August 2014): OnMay 3, 2015, platinum soul starMaxwellwill launch the maiden voyage of his own seven-day Caribbean cruise featuring a stellar lineup of R&B and contemporary jazz artists.Maxwell + The 7 Seaswill sail onRoyal Caribbean?s Freedom of the Seasfrom Port Canaveral, Florida to St. Thomas, St. Maarten and the private island Cococay for a week of live music, dancing, dining and recreation.Facebook Comments: 1
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Isaac Hayes' vaults to be opened for release of more music

Featured: 0(August 18, 2014)Billboardmagazine today released information on the impending release of long vaulted music of Isaac Hayes, the legendary singer and songwriter who died in 2008.Facebook Comments: 1
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