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News and Reviews

Advance Listening Room: Boney James and friends deliver a gem, "Honestly"

It’s been a full quarter-century since we first heard him, and now, longtime SoulTracks favorite, saxophonist Boney James, is releasing his 16th album, Honestly. And the new album shows an artist who is driven to perfection.

Robert Yancy, son of Natalie Cole, dies at age 39

(August 15, 2017) In 2015, music fans around the world mourned the loss of Natalie Cole. Now, we are sad to report that Robert Yancy, the son of Natalie and her first husband, record producer Marvin Yancy, has died at age 39.

The young Mr. Yancy apparently died of a heart attack. Fans may remember that his father died of a heart attack at the tragically young age of 34 while still at the peak of his popularity as a songwriter and producer.

World Premiere: Big Band Splash gets us hooked with "Love Addict"

(August 16, 2017) A few years ago we introduced SoulTrackers to Stockholm, Sweden group Big Band Splash. With a full sound that recalls classic Stax, the band, led by arranger and producer Jakob Norgren, won us over with the albums Another Apple and 2014’s The Soul Collection.

First Listen: Mike Maurro reignites Heatwave classic in remix

(August 16, 2017) Native New Yorker Mike Maurro has been an in-demand DJ for a long time, but his international fame came in the past decade, as he began to actively work in the remix area, creating innovative new mixes of songs, old and new, achieving a #1 album and lots of kudos for his work.

First Listen: Space Captain climbs the "Sycamore"

First Listen: Space Captain climbs the "Sycamore"

(August 16, 2017) Your relationship with your parents has reached a certain level when mom and/or dad feels confident enough about your maturity to share stories from their past.  Of course, parents often share stories from their misguided youth, but now the stories are not lectures that serve as cautionary tales to scare you straight or modify behavior. Now, pops or mom address you as a trusted confidant - confident that they will neither be judged nor see this moment of intimacy and honesty turned into a weapon.

R.I.P. "Everything Must Change" creator, Benard Ighner

(August 14, 2017) If you look at the canon of soul and jazz music of the 20th century, it doesn’t take long before you stop and pause at the classic song, “Everything Must Change,” by any measure one of the great songs of the last 50 years. That and many other songs were the work of Benard Ighner, a talented singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who we are sad to report has died at age 72 of lung cancer. Ighner had suffered for several years with spinal stenosis, and was the subject of a major fundraiser in 2015 to pay for surgeries.

LMG's Soul Eclectics returns to end the Summer

LMG’s Soul Eclectics – Summer’s End

First Listen: Philip Bailey helps Keith Satterfield find "Eternal Wisdom"

We’re just getting to know bassist, writer, arranger and producer Keith Satterfield. But his last name should be familiar to many SoulTrackers. Keith’s father, Louis Satterfield, was a member of the legendary Phenix Horns, the horn section for Earth Wind & Fire. Sadly, Louis died in 2004, but immense musical talent has clearly been passed on to his son.

First Listen: Deitrick Haddon lifts up “A Billion People”

(August 14, 2017) During his short season on the reality show circuit, Deitrick Haddon has fixed a few choirs and shared time with fellow Los Angeles, California based pastors.  We might not be sure how he fared in the reality show game, yet it is safe to acknowledge that Rev. Haddon has been known to lift up Jesus with nothing less than soulful exuberance.  From the Voices of Unity to the Xtraordinary Worshippers, Haddon feels quite locked in leading the praise and worship troops with sheer abandon.