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News and Reviews

First Look: Eric Roberson encourages us to "Keep On" through the struggle

(December 15, 2017) Eric Roberson has been a staple artist on SoulTracks since Day One. He has been an artist of interest for two decades not only because of his consistently strong music, but also because, year after year, he has delivered thoughtful, meaningful lyrics; lyrics that address love, social issues and simply real life.

The 5th Dimension's LaMonte McLemore returns with a dance gem

(December 14, 2017) Sometimes something hits my email that makes me smile. And that happened this week when I heard from legendary, Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter LaMonte McLemore, co-founder of the 5th Dimension.

We haven’t heard from LaMonte in a long time, but he has a brand new dance tune featuring talented young singer Julio Hanson. LaMonte says, “This is the type of dance tune I always wanted The Original 5th Dimension to record. Now I get to conceive it with a 2017 spin.”

First Listen: Dru Hill returns with a new Christmas gem

(December 13, 2017) It's been a minute since we've heard from 90s R&B stars Dru Hill. But the group, now consisting of SisQo, Nokio,  Larry “Jazz” Anthony, and Antwuan “Tao” Simpson, is working on a new album. In the meantime, they've delivered a tasty gem, just in time for the holiday.

"Favorite Time of Year" is a prototypical Dru Hill slow jam, and the guys sound fantastic. It is getting us a little more ready for Christmas.

Check out "Favorite Time of Year" and welcome back Dru Hill!

First Listen: James Hunter returns to classic form

(December 13, 2017) A little over a decade ago, we introduced SoulTrackers to singer James Hunter, who scored a surprise hit and Grammy nomination with his retro soul sound on the brilliant album People Gonna Talk.  The former Van Morrison guitarist has been a busy man ever since, recording regularly and performing around the world.

In February, James and his band The James Hunter Six will be issuing a new album, Whatever It Takes, sporting a retro sound and authentic recording style, with the band recording live to 8-track tape.

Watch "Temptations and Four Tops" documentary hosted by Stevie Wonder

The Temptations and The Four Tops are two of the all-time great soul groups. And as good as they are apart, they may be even better together. That goes for the many, many concerts and "battle of the bands" that they've done together, and it goes for this documentary, with Stevie Wonder hosting it.

Check out this rare documentary of the two groups below, and tell us what you think!

First Listen: Alexi Paraschos channels classic R&B on "Hashtag"

(December 12, 2017) It was only recently that we first heard of Philly singer and songwriter Alexi Paraschos, but one listen to his expressive tenor voice immediately let us know that he's the real deal. He's been featured on a number of stages in the Eastern US, and he has shown himself to be an artist on the rise.

Alexi has most recently released the single and video "Hashtag," and is a cool midtempo number with a 80s soul vibe and his falsetto shining upfront. 

We commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the death of Otis Redding

(December 10, 2017) -- It is incredible to think that a half century has passed since one of the greatest tragedies to hit the world of soul music, but it was fifty years ago today that the legendary Otis Redding died in a tragic plane crash, along with several members of the Bar-Kays (the video below includes an interview with survivor, Ben Cauley).

First Listen: Bigg Robb's Santa "Wants Some Lovin'"

First Listen: Bigg Robb's Santa wants some Lovin'

First Listen: Lindsey Webster lets us know “It’s Gonna’ Snow on Christmas”

Embracing the sweetness of soul and the intricacies of jazz, Lindsey Webster is one of the most talked about vocalists in the music industry since releasing her self-titled, self-released CD in 2013.  And the justified talk keeps spreading like wildfire.  Though marketed primarily as a smooth jazz artist, Webster’s musicality goes way further with an arsenal of concert performances including the poignant “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and the intensity behind Chaka Khan’s, “Ain’t Nobody.”  Her first major hit, “Fool Me Once,” followed by “Back to Your Heart,” showcased an alr