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UK Soul Chart Top 30

December 21, 2014
1 (1) Portia Monique - Portia Monique - Cloud IX/Ain't Scared Of You/Ecstasy/Who?/Smile/Never Give You Up/Grace/My Love/Nobody
2 (4) Indie Soul United Vol 2 - Various - Who's Bumpin' Old School/Wildfire/The One/Black Man/7 Days A Week/Yesterday/Fall In Love/I'd Rather Say Good Morning/Every Day Every Night/Lay Your Head
3 (3) Chris Jasper - The One - The One/Still In Love/Rock The Foundation/Bring It On Back/Your Love/Kiss Me/Man Up/Right Now/What's Going On/Peaceful Again
4 (6) Victor Haynes - My Time Is Here - My Time Is Here/Get Back/Serious/Run Away/So Real/Feel/Sleep Over/No One Better/Stay With Me/Love Will Conquer All/Together/Give Me The Reason/Groovin'/Summer Of Love
5 (2) SuCh - Trial And Error - Open Book/Sugar Maple/Heaven/Bump This/P's & Q's/You/Trial & Error/Where You Left Me/Frustrated/Out Of Line/So Long/Under My Skin/Wake Up Call
6 (8) Noel Gourdin ft Hil St. Soul - No Worries (Remix)
7 (5) Dasha Logan ft Paul Johnson - Cleverly
8 (9) Robin McKelle & The Flytones - Control Yourself (Opolopo Remix)
9 (14) Vince Broomfield - Extraordinaire - A Beautiful Beginning/Does Everybody Really Know/I'm In Love For The Very First Time/I Don't Know Why/Dream/Just Give Me A Call/Where Have You Been All Of My Life/I'm Getting Married/Do You Really Want Me/A Cold Day/Rain Rain Go Away/I Need Your Kisses
10 (12) The Rebirth - This Is Coming To?
11 (11) Garcia ft Vince Durrell - Praying For Rain
12 (15) Kenya - Wednesday Girl
13 (7) Calvin Richardson - I Am Calvin - Before This Moment Leaves/We Gon' Love Tonight/Hearsay/Unreasonable/Dark Side Of Love/I'll Take Care Of You/What Would I Do/More Than A Picture/All This Love/Home In A Minute
14 (17) The British Collective - Romantic
15 (18) Bashiyra - Just Can't Be Wrong
16 (13) Greta Manning - For My Good/Naked
17 (10) Glen Goldsmith - London Skies
18 (16) Kem - Promise To Love - Saving My Love For You/Promise To Love/Downtown/Beautiful World/Do What You Gotta Do/Say Something Real/My Favorite Thing/It's You/The Soft Side Of Love/Nobody/Pray For Me/Moments/Don't Say Goodbye
19 (24) Teri Tobin - Truth Is - Wonderfully Made/Always Be You/Love Happens/Free Yo Mind/Pool Of Love/I Can't Help But Want You/Done/Someone Else Will/Make Beautiful/Shine/I Wish You Were Here/I Am
20 (23) Karen Bernod - Planting Seeds - Beautifully Wonderful/Soul Pioneer/Inspire/Brooklyn Potpourri/Mood Swings/Chillax/Symptoms Of Love/Evolution/Mother Earth/Up (Higher)/I Talk To God/Memories Of/Endangered Specie (For Trayvon Martin)
21 (27) Syleena Johnson - Chapter 6: Couples Therapy - All This Way For Love/Fool's Gold/Heaven In Hell/My Love/If I Was Your World/Harmony/No Beginner/Boom/If You Need To Know/Perfectly Worthless/Silence/Unstoppable/I Cut My Hair/
22 (20) Don-E - Future Rare Grooves - I Got It/Without Your Love/Feelin' U/I Don't Wanna Hold It Down/You're Special/Big People Tings/Live It Up
23 (19) Shaun Escoffery - In The Red Room - Nature's Call/Perfect Love Affair/Nobody Knows/Crazy/You/People/Do U Remember/Gotta Be More Than This/Time/Day After Day/Get Over/By Your Side
24 (21) Clifton End - Addicted To Love
25 (30) Brandon Williams - XII - Pinball Number Count/Intimidation/I Love You/Everything/Godsend/Mind. Body. Soul./Heaven/Feel Free/Spend My Life/Now I Know/Leave Love Be/Make Believe/You Make Love Real/Stronger/Where'd You Come From/Velas Icadas/Yasmin
26 (29) Frank McComb - Soulmate - EP - This Love Of Ours/Feelin' Some Kinda Way/Soulmate/She Needs True Love
27 (22) K'Jon - A Beautiful Thing
28 (26) Eric Nolan - Mood Swing - Do My Thang/Reminds Me Of You/I Miss You/I Can Love You/The Best Thing/You Bring Me Joy/Cologne/Give Her Your Love/When You Cry
29 (25) David Lee Andrews - Truth & Beauty
30 (28) Eric Roberson - The Box - Lust For Love/The Box/I'm Not Trying To Keep Score No More/Don't Hide Your Wings/Just Imagine/Pill/Haunted/The Cycle/Warm/Mark On Me/Punch Drunk Love/Do The Same For Me