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Soul Love 2014


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UK Soul Chart Top 30

August 24, 2014
1 (1) Joe - Bridges - Future Teller/Dilemma/Do A Little Dance/If You Lose Her/Sex Ain't A Weapon/Love & Sex Pt 2/Blame Her Broken Heart On Me/First Lady/Take It 2 The House/Till The Rope Gives Way/The Rest Will Follow/Mary Jane/Bridges/Love Sex Hollywood/For Love/Love Undefeated
2 (2) The Company - Superstar
3 (10) Glen Goldsmith - Don't Delay
4 (6) Latrese Bush - The Best EP - Great Day/6 Ft Under/Hope/The Best
5 (3) Kindred The Family Soul - A Couple Friends - Get It Got It/Call Me Crazy/Everybody's Hustling/Lovin' The Night/One Day Soon/A Couple Friends/Not Complaining/Never Loved You More/Momma Said Clean Up/Here We Go/Drop The Bomb/Look At What We Made/What I've Learned
6 (9) Alo Key - Moving On - She Has My Heart/Slowly But Surely/Don't Give Up On Me/Tell Me What's On Your Mind/Moving On/In Need/Day I Met You/Tame Ole Lava/Let Me Throw My Arms Around You/Never Thought/Put Your Love Next To Me/Down With Me/Is This Love
7 (4) Elliott Macauley ft Marwan & David Lee Andrews - Future
8 (13) Dionne - Helium - Allergies/Swim Around/Forget Life/Love You/Real/Sunlight/Move/Fully/So Good Shuffle/Boomerang
9 (7) Teri Tobin - Shine
10 (5) Clifton End - So Far Away
11 (14) Maryanne Ito - Waking Up - How I Feel/Feeling You/Waking Up/Sure Shot Love/Flutelude/Don't Be Afraid/With U/Take Care Of You/No Words/Saxlude/You Got Me Feeling/Good To Me/Better Than You/Wow
12 (17) SouLutions - Listen/Mr Sun Don't You Hide/Philly Line
13 (15) Lisa Taylor - Intuition
14 (18) Ragan Whiteside - Quantum Drive - Valentin' Dream/Remind Me/Indrani/Smokey Room/Work It Out/Soul Biscuit/Like The First Time/Wing And A Prayer/Gentle Touch/Quantum Drive
15 (11) Keesha Rainey - Lord You - Lord You/Tic Toc/Prayer Still Works/War Cry/I Believe/What A Feelin'/Stand By Me/For You/Love You More/When He Comes
16 (8) Marcia Mitchell - Give Me A Chance To Love You
17 (20) Al Jarreau - My Old Friend: Celebrating George Duke - My Old Friend/Someday/Churchyheart/SomeBossa/Sweet Baby/Every Reason To Smile/Wings Of Love/No Rhyme No Reason/Bring Me Joy/Brazilian Love Affair/Up From The Sea It Arose And Ate Rio In One Swift Bite/You Touch My Brain
18 (23) Maurissa Rose - Too Nice Today
19 (22) Janine Johnson - Passion - Passion/Optimistic (Keep Your Head Up)/Thank You/All That Moves
20 (12) Blu James - Blu James - Boat Race/I Get High/Make It Go Away (Pain)/Say Now/Stare Into The Truth/Motions Of Love/What We've Done/Livin' It Up/Spaceships/What I Started/Walk On
21 (19) Jarrod Lawson - Jarrod Lawson - The Music & It's Magical Way/Sleepwalkers/He's There/Walk In The Park/All That Surrounds Me/Think About Why/Redemption/Spiritual Eyes/Together We'll Stand/Needed/Everything I Need/Gotta Keep
22 (27) Gwendolyn Collins - Storytelling Side 1/The Simple Things - Take A Walk With You/Beautiful Fantasy/Be Happy/Be Brave/The Simple Things/Beautiful Girl/Promise To Yearn/Mars/Share/Heaven Sent/Take A Walk/Peel Me A Grape
23 (26) Larry Talbot & Yvonne J - Sharing Music & Mojo - I Like It/City Lights/Someday Someway Somehow/Dance With Me/You Make Me Smile/After The Sun Goes Down
24 (28) Leela James - Fall For You - Who's Gonna Love You More/Say That/Give It/Do Me Right/Set Me Free/Everything/So Good/Stay With Me/Fall For You/Save Me
25 (30) Kenya ft Kloud 9 - Be Here
26 (16) Avery Sunshine - The Sun Room - Love (Won't You Try)/Call My Name/S.Y.W.I.G.T/Nothing To Something/I Do Love You/Time To Shine/Everything/One Foot Ahead/Sweet Afternoon/Trust/See You When I Get There/Safe In His Arms
27 ( - ) Westcoast Soulstars - Take Me There
28 (21) Soul Funk Secret - Bright Sunshine
29 (24) James Tillman - Shangri La EP - Love Within'/And Then/Loved/Shangri La
30 ( - ) 5AM ft Darren Ellison - You Complete Me